The Tanzania Tax System

The Tanzania tax system is made up of the following major taxes: Corporate and Personal Income Taxes, Payroll taxes and Social Security Contributions (SDL, Pensions and WCF), Value Added Tax (VAT), Stamp Duty, Customs Duties (Common External Tariffs (CET) under EAC as a Customs Union, Excise Duties, Property taxes, Gaming Tax, Fuel Levy, Petroleum Levy, Infrastructure Levy, Service Levy, Cess Levy. The Tax Administration Act, 2015 deals with key matters related to administration of tax laws including the powers of the Commissioner, tax returns, payment of tax, tax audit process, tax dispute resolution, offences, penalties and interests etc.

For the various tax laws applying to businesses and individuals in Tanzania refer to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) website

Auditax International provides the following support to companies doing business in Tanzania 
  1. Advisory on tax strategy and tax planning 
  2. Tax compliance on corporate tax, VAT, Excise duty, customs duty etc.
  3. TRA Tax Audit
  4. Tax Disputes Resolution
  5. Transfer Pricing Advisory etc
  6. Engagement with TRA e.g on Advanced Pricing Agreements and other Tax Rulings etc. 
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