Investment opportunities in Tanzania

Tanzania has many investment opportunities for investors. These are in  manufacturing, mining, agriculture, real estate, energy and many other sectors. Auditax International highlights below the investment opportunities in Tanzania. we assist investors intending to invest in Tanzania through our tax services in Tanzania. Also in  auditing services in Tanzania, accounting services in Tanzania, business advisory services in Tanzania. Auditax International also offers  business registration services in Tanzania.

In manufacturing, investment opportunities in Tanzania exist in automotive goods for instance passenger vehicles.  Also in light industries, chemical industries, sugar production and production of edible oil.  For instance, as per Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Tanzania imported about 60% of its edible oil in recent years. Also  opportunities  exist in consumer goods such as food and beverages.

Investment opportunities in Tanzania also exist the mining sector in Tanzania. As per the Tanzania Investment Centre, Tanzania has key mineral deposits such as coal, copper, diamonds, gold, nickel, silver, uranium, and Tanzanite gemstone. Investment opportunities exist in mining  of coal deposits at Mchuchuma, production of iron ore and steel at Liganga which can be used in the construction industry and for export. Investment opportunities in Tanzania also exist for  processing of nickel, precious metals and gemstones. Also in extraction of uranium and graphite and investment in mineral smelting factories.

Tanzania has shortage of energy which provides a massive opportunity to investors intending to invest in Tanzania. Tanzania has several unexplored sources of energy including natural gas, hydropower, coal, solar, wind, geothermal, uranium, petroleum and electricity.

The real estate sector provides investment opportunities in Tanzania . There is shortage of accommodation in major cities such as Dar es Salaam, due to rapid increase in economic activities in Tanzania. There is an influx of local and foreigners in major cities in Tanzania creating opportunities for residential houses, office space, hotels and accommodation.

Untapped investment opportunities in Tanzania also exist in the agricultural sector for investors intending to invest in Tanzania.  As per the Tanzania Investment Centre, Tanzania has 44 million hectares of arable land with an estimated 29.4 million hectares appropriate for irrigation. The country has a huge arable land with ample rainfall and generous rivers with the the best irrigation potential. The agriculture sector in Tanzania is key to the Tanzania industrialization process providing raw materials and markets for industries. Investment opportunities in Tanzania in the agriculture sector are available in meat processing. Tanzania has the second largest livestock population in Africa.  The sugar gap estimated at over 200,000 tones also provides investment opportunities.  Also in extraction equipment for edible oil. Untapped investment opportunities for edible oil exist also in sunflower, cotton, groundnuts, soya beans, and palm.

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